Learn About The Best Healthy Low - Fat Food Improves Your Health

    To get a good health and live a better life you have to eat healthy food benefit your body and provide vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immunity and increase your health and also you can eat healthy food avoid the risk of injury to obesity, which may lead to the injury of multiple diseases and eat a meal of fish better than eating sandwiches Ready from one of the restaurants are high calorie calories without a little benefit while the fish meal full of benefits and useful for your health and in this article you find food healthy and low-fat improves your health.

    1 - Fish:

    Eating healthy fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and tuna are good sources of acids and omega-3 fatty acids. These natural good fats help maintain your heart health, reduce bad cholesterol in your body and help maintain the health of your mind especially for children. And modern studies to eat two meals or three meals over the course of the week of this healthy food and you can eat fish grilled or boiled, this is a favorite to get the benefit that exists without adding harmful fat to it, as happens in the case of eating fried fish.

    2 - Avocado:

    Eating avocado helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and is good for your heart as it is delicious and avocado has an additional benefit to distinguish it from others when eating with other foods helps the body to absorb the nutrients better and enough to eat half the fruit of avocado medium during the meal it contains one hundred and Fifteen thermal price to one hundred sixty heat price.

    3 - Seeds:

    There are a number of useful seeds including pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. All these seeds are of great benefit in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. In general, the fat that comes from plants is healthier than animal products such as fat, dairy products and some canned foods. Check if these foods are saturated or not saturated with the stickers found on those canned foods and it is always advisable to buy foods saturated with fat which is better for healthy body.


    All the nuts are good and useful for your heart health of almonds, hazelnuts, camel's eye, cashews, peanuts and peanuts. But you should not exaggerate in eating nuts because there are high calories, just a small handful of them, or seven grains as a small meal during the main meals.

    5 - Olive Oil:

    You should use olive oil either in cooking or salad. Olive oil contains a high percentage of good fats, which fights bad cholesterol. When mixed with food during cooking without high temperature, the food makes a distinctive taste and adds more benefit. It does not contain high calories, but it is better to eat fruit instead of its time to benefit from the rich fiber which helps in digestion and burning calories.

    6 - Vegetables:

    Eat vegetables useful and contains omega-3, especially green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and others, you should eat in a meal and preferably eat from two cups to three cups of vegetables every day to get your body the proportion of fat and vitamins useful to your body every day and The omega-3 type found in vegetables is less likely to be found in fish, but the two types of omega are needed by the body. Plants do not provide the type of omega provided by the fish meal.

    7 - Eggs:

    Eggs are a great source of protein and large eggs contain less than five grams of fat and eggs contain healthy fats, you should eat one egg every day to remain always healthy well and eggs contain Omega-3.

    8- Oats:

    As part of a healthy diet you can eat oatmeal because of the many benefits it makes your skin always bright and reduces inflammation and contains fiber that helps you feel full, you can eat oatmeal with a little milk in the morning or you can use oats Sprinkle spoon of it on the salad plate to eat it Next to eating or even possible to eat bread, which is included in the components of oatmeal to get its usefulness.

    9 - Beans:

    There are many types of beans, but any type, eating very useful to your body and you have to add beans to your diet food helps to improve the mood and contains a percentage of omega that your body always need it.

    10 - Foods rich in Omega-3:

    Doctors are always advised to eat all foods that contain Omega-3 because of its great benefit to the body. You can eat eggs to contain omega-3 and eat free milk and lots of other foods and when you buy any food products you should check labels if those products supported by Omega-3 Or not, you should eat more rich foods in Omega to enjoy more health.
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